A Review on Royal Air Maroc

A Review on Royal Air Maroc

I would love to write a lot on my experience about Royal Air Maroc. My journey in the flight was from Ouarzazate. Initially, I was not happy with the negative information about the airlines on internet; however, I had to board the flight with a lot of thoughts in my mind.

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On the flight I was able to accept the quality of food which was packed in air tight plastic bags. There were starters, meals and desserts too. A tasty cup of coffee was my choice later on. I also loved the orange juice which had much different taste than what I usually have. Later on champagne was served and that made me relax for some time. So overall, the food and the drinks were excellent.

I was also satisfied with the cabin crew service who attended the calls of the passengers very quickly. It was a prompt service.

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The seats were larger and the bathrooms were clean and fresh throughout the travel. There was no lack of water on the plane and I was provided with slippers, an eye-mask and we could even move around to stretch ourselves. It was nice time to relax because the plane lights were lowered and it gave much relaxing environment on the plane. I was never able to sleep on any plane, but this time I was able to take a short nap and relax after the meals.

There were arrangements for entertainment on the plane and that too made me pass my time easily. Generally, I being a very busy person, I find it very difficult to travel on planes because there is no work to do. This time, I was happy because I never realized about the time spend on the flight.

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Since I was travelling alone I was busy observing many things going around in the flight. I did not find it unsatisfactory because the plane was clean and the travel was comfortable too.

Royal Air Maroc planes have 12 seats arranged in 2 by 2 configurations which are found in most of the Western European carriers.

Finally, I would surely travel by Royal Air Maroc planes and recommend it to others too.

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